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For the Enablers of Mildred Gordon

The crackpot fraudulent psychology of Mildred Gordon and her collaborators at Ganas Commune have caused much trauma and suffering in their victims. Help in the recovery of the victims of Ganas by contributing money to Trauma Recovery Services. This page is specifically for those who are unable or unwilling to stop arguing. Here no one has to say things they don't mean, no one has to back down or save face, one can identify themself or act anonymously as they wish:

Paypal and Google Wallet are two ways to send money anonymously without incurring fees. It's easier if you have an account with them but you really only need an email address to send money and some way to fund the transaction. However these are Silicon Valley companies not banks and they answer to no one. There are other ways to send money and there is no compelling reason to use PayPal and Google other than convenience.

An even easier method of sending money anonymously is by money order. It's acceptable to leave both sender and recipient blank, however there is a $1000 limit per money order and the Post Office will charge $1.65 for each one.

You can also get money orders through your bank and they don't have to charge you if they want to keep your business. Banks used to offer free money orders to their valued customers - So ask them!

Your bank has other payment services as well, like PopMoney. If you have a bank account you have access to modern payment services, you don't have to use companies that charge fees. Ask your bank what is available.

To send money through PayPal

Use this email address:

There is no fee to send money to family or friends if you use your PayPal balance or bank account.
To send money through GoogleWallet

Use this email address:

There is no fee to send money to family or friends if you use your Wallet balance or bank account.